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June 20, 2005

Verbal: Language Invention

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Language Invention

Judges Version
Problem Source: Spirit of Chicago

This is a verbal spontaneous problem. You have one minute to decide which 5 team members will participate.

(After the team chooses) Judge reads:

You each have a piece of paper and pencil. You will have three minutes to complete this task. Each member must write their own answers without assistance from other team members. Questions count against your time. All team member responses will be scored at the end of three minutes. Except for questions, no talking is allowed.

  • Common answers will receive 1 point.
  • Creative answers will receive 3 points.
  • Highly creative or humorous answers will receive 5 points.

Your problem is: each team member is to make-up 3 words and write the definition for each made-up word. The team will receive points for creativity and originality. For example: donker is someone who rides a donkey. (Judge repeats, “Your problem is:…)

JUDGES: Be sure each team member has one sheet of paper and a pen or pencil.


June 3, 2005

L-Creativity: Mind Tools

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You should visit this site for two reasons. The first is that it provides a clear and concise overview of a variety of problem solving techniques. SCAMPER, Brainstorming, and the Six Thinking Hats are just some of the methods/tools you’ll find on the site. The second reason to visit is that it reaffirms that Odyssey of the Mind has meaning in the “real” world. This is a site for career coaching. These tools are part of the site because they are useful in advancing careers. We may be “playing” in OM, but the skills learned will last long after we compete in our last tournament.

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