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April 19, 2005

Table of Weblinks 2005 April

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One day, I’ll have all this information in a database driven website. But until then, blogging is the easiest and fastest way for me to put the information on the internet. I do realize that this isn’t the most convienent form for users so I will also try to keep a summary table of the weblinks so that people can get a quick overview of the sites I have covered.

SP-spontaneous problems
CO-coaching information
TB-team building resources
SB-skill building resources
ST-state website
CR-creativity resources


Arizona Odyssey of the Mind
y y y y
Creative Problem Solvers y y
Improv Games Collection y y

Index to Group Activities, Games, Exercises & Initiatives

Maine Adventures in Creativity
y y y

Odyssey World

Robert Alan Black’s Creativity Challenges
y y y
Spirit of Chicago y
Top 10 Creative Rules of Thumb y y
Virginia Odyssey of the Mind y y y

April 16, 2005

L-Creativity: Improv Games Collection

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This is part of the Improv Encyclopedia web site. The site contains almost 400 games which can be searched alphabetically or by 30 categories. The games can be used as creative warm-ups or exercises to help with a team’s presentation. They have also added a new music section that includes the Hoedown from the Who’s Line is it Anyways show. The entire site can be downloaded as a pdf file but at 144 pages you may want to pick and choose which pages to print out.

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