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November 27, 2007

West Campus High School should stay open because?

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This seems to embody so much of what is wrong with public education.

MySA.com: KENS 5: Education

Attorney David Van Os, who is representing Save West Campus, the group formed to protest the closure, argued that district officials failed to specify on the Oct. 23 meeting agenda that trustees could take formal action to close the school.

Let’s see, the school is Academically Unacceptable and has low enrollment. How do you figure that, aren’t smaller schools supposed to generate better academic results? The school board voted do to do the fiscally responsible thing and shut the school down. Now the parents have gone to court to prevent it from happening.

How many of these parents voted in the last school board election? How many went storming to the school board when the high school was rated “academically unacceptable?” Are these the parents that advocates for privatizing the school system are talking about? Acting in their self interest would result in a better education for their children?

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  1. Are you dizzy from the spin? The school board vote to close the school had nothing to do with academics and everything to do with athletics. But, go ahead and ignore to facts.

    Comment by TXsharon — November 28, 2007 @ 9:47 am

  2. Maybe I am dizzy. I would appreciate knowing the politics going on and it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if it had something to do with athletics. But I still have wonder why the academic ranking didn’t generate a similar outcry. Well, no, not really.

    Comment by texased — November 28, 2007 @ 7:27 pm

  3. This school was not always academically unacceptable. This would seem to be a more recent development. This school was a academic gem, not THAT long ago. Further any time parents take action in their children’s education, it is an action that must be addressed with respect. This is not the time to open the books of the past and show lack of participation on behalf of the parents. If we did this every time we were unhappy, then half of our elected official would be out of a job. Do I believe the school should be closed? I must admit I do not know all the facts. I haven’t even tried to stay involved. But closing any school in the face of such outcry should at least cause a moment’s pause. What ever happened to providing them with the opportunity to them validate their passion? If you squash them now, you prove that speaking out is useless. I would suggest letting them try to resolve the issues of WC with the passion they have now. I was a part of this passion back when the school board lied to the parents and students and only a boycott and public outcry moved them to force another board meeting. We took pride in our accomplishment to stick together to improve our school. It happened then, it can happen again. Don’t blame parents for lack of trust in students, blame the school board. Do put the responsibility back on the parents for forcing their children to put themselves, spiritually if not physically, back into the school. Lastly, can you honestly tell me you would prefer your children in South San proper? If so, there must have been drastic changes. Last I recall, South San was gang riddled, drug influenced, Hispanic mafia playground for the dispassionate and unruly children who lived in fear of surviving those four years of torture and constant disrespect. The school itself was a crumbing mess and reflected the apathy that thrived in the school. You mean to tell me it has changed to a bright school of hope, understanding, freedom and education where no student feels afraid of drugs, guns and alcohol? Remember, WC was one of the LAST schools to get security. Our largest crime was boycotting school lunch and using the fire extinguishers. Give the school, parents and students a chance!

    Comment by 93WCAlum — December 7, 2007 @ 2:30 pm

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