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September 29, 2007

Petition for the National Education Association

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Care2 : The Petition Site : Homeschoolers against NEA Philosophy

The National Educational Association in their 2007-2008 Resolutions has taken a stand against homeschooling.

Don’t teacher unions have better things to do? When they take the time to include it as a resolution, you have to wonder what are they worried about?

Do they really think that enough parents will pull their kids out of public school to homeschool that it will effect their ability to be gainfully employed?

Maybe their worried about religious conservatives pulling their kids out of school and brainwashing them. Hate to tell you but simply the fact that parents might consider this means that brainwashing is going on despite the school’s best efforts.

I think it has more to do with some teachers feeling threatened by the “success” of homeschoolers. Right now “success” is homeschoolers winning the Geobee and spelling bee. Well, they want to change it so that “success” is documenting students being able to pass a public school test. Notice that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with learning or problem solving ability.

Given all of the “challenges” teachers face in the classroom, I think the NEA would be better off looking for ways to support teachers in the classroom. But I guess it’s easier to pick on homeschoolers than accomplish meaningful change in the classroom.

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