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August 15, 2007

It was just a veto

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After veto, governor proposes more money for community colleges

Trying to quell unrest over his June veto of $154 million for health insurance for community college employees, Gov. Rick Perry is proposing a unique solution: More money. Lots of it.

Maybe people are actually going to blame Perry for increases in local property taxes. Looks like he’s back-peddling quite a bit.


After veto, governor proposes more money for community colleges



In June, Perry vetoed the health insurance money because he and the community colleges disagree how the costs should be split between the state and local taxpayers and students. Several senators said they were unaware of the governor’s concern or the prospect of a veto. Perry’s staffers testified that most of the discussions were at staff levels, not with lawmakers.

And the staff just didn’t bring it to the lawmakers’ attention? I still haven’t seen a plausible explanation as to why Perry slashed the funding. Which political constituents did he think he was pleasing with his veto? He (or rather fellow Republicans) is just now finding out how much he has pissed people off.

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