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May 3, 2007

So what are they teaching?

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The things people will justify in the name of competitive sports.

MySA.com: Metro | State

Teammates Mercedes and Crystal Flores, both 15, said the incident happened at practice last week, when their coach allegedly punished the entire team by ordering them to put their hands to the hot track at Byron Steele High School and crawl around low to the ground.

“It was hot. A lot of us showed her our hands, and she told us to keep going,” Mercedes said. “(Our hands) were burning and blistered. (The blisters) formed in, like, five minutes.”

“Everyone was complaining, and she told us to quit complaining,” Crystal said. “They even told her it was burning, and she said suck it up. Several of them, they had blisters all over their hands.”

So why haven’t there been complaints before? Because we will let coaches get away with it even though this is a school and these kids are competing to enhance their education.

MySA.com: Metro | State

At least four parents called KENS 5 to say they support Saenz and her coaching methods.

What if this was the number sense team, would it be acceptable then? How about an A.P. Class teacher who wants to teach kids a lesson and make sure they get to class on time?

If you think it’s okay for a coach (and I’m pretty sure they only mean a coach and not a teacher) then fine, do it on your own time and own money. But there is absolutely no justification for such behavior in an athletic program designed to enhance the learning experience.

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  1. If this would have been a boy’s team nohting would have been said.
    Maybe this is why SCUCISD has never had a championship team. Parents run their programs. This matter can be easily resolved. The school district needs to make a district policy that no bear crawls will be done on hard surfaces. It sounds like to me that these girls were not starters on the varsity team and parents were angry. I think a young coach should be given another chance instead being dismissed.

    Comment by john — May 6, 2007 @ 12:47 pm

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