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March 22, 2007

They get two months off, what more do they want?

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MySA.com: MySA.com: Jobs:

Need a job? The Northside Independent School District needs to hire 800 teachers before the fall semester.So, if you’re qualified and you have teaching credentials, you could have a new job by summer.

The teachers are needed because 4,000 new students are expected to enter the school district this year.

“We’re going to open three more schools on top of the four that we opened last year, and the five we opened the year after. So, the need for new teachers is almost overwhelming,” said Pascual Gonzalez, spokesman for NISD.

“Northside school district is only interested in teachers of very high caliber, who can pass a criminal background check, and who are licensed by the state,” Gonzalez said.

There is a special need for candidates licensed in bilingual education, science, math and speech pathology.

Did you know that Northside ISD has a five to one student to teacher ratio? You see 4000 new students divided by 800 teachers is equal to five. Given that 4000 divided into an average classroom size of 20 calls for 200 teachers, I suspect Northside needs new teachers for reasons other than new students.

Now I’m sure that the teacher attrition rate at Northside is less than the state average but answer this question: would you take a job where for the first six years you would only receive less than a 0.5% pay raise and that chances are that you would never receive much more than a one percent raise over your career? That’s significantly less than the average yearly inflation rate.

Northside Independent School District
2005-2006 Step Pay Schedule
Classroom Teachers, Librarians, and Nurses


Northside Pay Schedul

Given all the calls for experienced teachers from NCLB and the Governor’s Business Council, you would think that someone might start paying attention on how to keep experienced teachers. Make that effective experienced teachers. That would require teachers accepting that not everyone is going to get the same raise. Don’t most businesses have ranges for pay scales and raises? Why should I knock myself out when I’m going to get the exact same pay as the person who does the minimum to get by?

And for all of those who are quick to point out that there are lots of people that would love to be paid to work for only ten months a year, go for it, Northside is hiring. There’s a reason why people who become teachers through alternative training programs don’t stick around very long.


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