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February 23, 2007

Best Practices?

Filed under: Education reform — texased @ 9:47 pm

What kind of employer would prevent workers from asking questions about assignments? What kind of employer would put a water cooler in each cubicle to keep employees from getting up and potentially congregating around the water cooler? What kind of employer would muffle chair legs with tennis balls to keep them from making noise? What kind of employer would group all the low performing employees together in a department?

Apparently whatever employer hires the kids who are in one of Northside ISD’s third grade classrooms. Students aren’t supposed to ask for clarification after directions have been given once. To keep them in their seats, desks are grouped together so that they can easily reach tissues or hand sanitizers and never have to get up from their chairs. Students are being tracked by “ability” level. The classroom walls are bare and the halls contain only pictures of the school mascot.

So since it’s a recognized school, does that make these “best practices?”

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