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December 3, 2006

Dual Credit Student Ineligible for UIL?

Filed under: High School, standards, University Interscholastic League — texased @ 2:24 pm

Here’s another bill to file under “you’ve got to wonder…”

80(R) HB 208 – Introduced version – Bill Text:

Sec.�33.087.��ELIGIBILITY OF STUDENTS PARTICIPATING IN JOINT CREDIT OR CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT PROGRAMS. A student otherwise eligible to participate in an extracurricular activity or a University Interscholastic League competition is not ineligible because the student is enrolled in a course offered for joint high school and college credit, or in a course offered under a concurrent enrollment program, regardless of the location at which the course is provided.

So did someone somewhere try to get a student disqualified from a UIL competition? Did some school accuse another school of having an ineligible player because he or she was taking a history class at the local community college? Sigh… do I even need to ask?


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  1. hello my name is stacy williams and i’m a graduated senior form jack yates highschool. i worked hard academically and athletically for four years and god blessed me with a football scholarship to baylor university. i was scheduled to move into Baylor for summer school on July 2,2007. I wasnt able to move in because the NCAA clearinghouse said that i only had three highschool credits. Their reason for saying this was because i was withdrawn out of my english class the final sixth weeks of my senior because i had ACL recongstructive surgery. Policy states that a student can miss no more than three academic days before they are ineligible to recieve any college credit. I understood this before i went into surgery so after surgery i did my work and recieved a passing grade in an highschool english 4 class. A student must have four english credits to graduate with from high school and i did so by recieving all four and graduating with honor. the ncaa clearinghouse still won’t release me because the need an up to date polcy and the only policy i have access to is the 2004-2005 policy. I have until August 15, 2007 before i become enligible to move in to and start classes. I need someone somewhere to help me find access to the newest dual credit policy possible asap. so if anyone can find it in there heart to help me please email me something because if not i won’t be able to go to college

    Comment by stacy williams — July 31, 2007 @ 3:50 pm

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