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November 21, 2006

Will 4 by 4 Solve Ysleta’s Problems?

El Paso Times – 90% of YISD students need remedial college math:

Students in the 12th grade will take the Accuplacer test and administrators hope to improve on past performances.According to Ysleta records, more than 90 percent of the students taking the Accuplacer would need to take remedial classes in math before enrolling in college level courses. The figures are better in English and reading, but the percentages are still high.

So does this mean that only 10% of Ysleta students are taking advanced post Algebra II math? According to the advocates of the 4 by 4 plan for Texas high school graduation, all those students would be ready if only they had taken a fourth year of advanced math. Do you think anyone is interested in finding what percentage of students who took the fourth year of math fall into the 90%?

El Paso Times – 90% of YISD students need remedial college math:

District officials said theAccuplacer will help them gauge readiness and develop intervention plans.

Silly Ysleta officials. Don’t they know that defining a problem is so not the Texas approach to education issues?

El Paso Times – 90% of YISD students need remedial college math:

Ysleta this year developed an Accuplacer Academy with the help of the University of Texas at El Paso. It also started other partnerships with El Paso Community College that officials hope will help improve scores.The academy provides training for teachers, counselors and other administrators to help students be ready to take on the exam and have the knowledge necessary to tackle college-level courses.

Now this is a waste of money since we all know all they have to do is require a fourth year of math for the students.


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