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November 20, 2006

Dr. Phil Disses Homeschoolers on the biggest shopping day of the year

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Friday, November 24th. Maybe he’s hoping people will be too busy shopping or with football games to watch the show? See previous post for more info.

Dr. Phil.com – Shows This Week:

Great School Debate Parents want the best for their children, but what’s the best way to educate them? Dr. Phil’s guests face off in a debate about whether to school, homeschool or unschool. Dana and her husband, Joe, call themselves radical unschoolers. They say education happens as a side effect of life, and they don’t believe in tests, curriculums or grades. Are their three kids learning what they need to know? Then, RaeAnn says public schools are death traps and wants to homeschool her children. Her husband, Steve, says their kids are safer at school than they are at home. Can this couple reach a compromise? Plus, Nicole feels like an outcast at 26. She says she hated being homeschooled, and couldn’t relate to other kids. Dr. Phil weighs in on this important discussion.


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  1. We will tape it so it can be watched when my husband is home. I am curious to see what he says and look forward to writing a rebuttal to his attacks on this issue.

    Comment by scrunchyy — November 20, 2006 @ 2:10 pm

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