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September 23, 2006

Positive Homeschooling Articles

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A homeschool article without the obligatory comment from an “expert” about the dangers of the lack of socialization.

Altus Times – Altus, Oklahoma:

Home education is becoming more and more common in communities throughout the United States. Altus residents Dawn and Ty Holt both have a hand in schooling their children. Dawn, who was a public school teacher since 1972, said she had always had an “inkling” to homeschool and she always keeps her “ear to the ground” about it.

And another one:

– from Archives: Parents Find Flexibility In Homeschooling:

The questions most commonly asked of them, according to a few parents on hand at Ida Lee, relate to socialization. These parents can’t help but smirk when the question arises. They quickly point to social gatherings like the one Friday, clubs, teams, swimming or ballet lessons, specialized private schooling-like the Johns Hopkins program-and the ability to interact throughout the day with people of all ages, not just peers, as factors in a more appealing “socialization.”

So what do you think? They couldn’t find anyone on short notice or they have meet too many socially acceptable homeschoolers to bother with the warnings?


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    Comment by Mr debate wannabe — November 20, 2006 @ 5:11 am

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