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September 18, 2006

Keeping Textbooks Safe from Students

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I know that text book quality is often lacking but I don’t think this is the solution:

El Paso Times – Principal reassigned over textbook problems:

El Paso Independent School District Superintendent Lorenzo García removed the principal of Bassett Middle School on Tuesday — just days after it was learned that students at the Northeast campus had not been given textbooks for nearly a month.Principal Oscar Santaella was reassigned to another position in the EPISD and today will be replaced by Steven Lane, who will be interim principal until a permanent one is named.

“I believe in servant leadership,” García said. “The administration at that school needs to do all that’s in their hands to make it successful.”

Bassett administrators had kept all texts in the book room for nearly a month because the campus did not have a book clerk who could distribute them.

Maybe this was part of a secret strategy to raise test scores?

El Paso Times – Principal reassigned over textbook problems:

Bassett is one of 22 schools that the district has labeled as a priority because of low or failing test scores. The school is one of two in the district facing severe state and federal sanctions.

It took a month for the district to find out books weren’t distributed? I find it hard to believe that not a single parent complained to the district during that time period. Of course, since it took the district a month to discover the problem, I suspect that it would be difficult to find any records of such complaints if they did exist.


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  1. First, we need to check our media and make sure that reporting is accurate. Mr. Santaella was not dismissed because textbooks were not distributed. The textbook situation was completely dependent upon the school district to have an authorized personnel come to the school to distribute the books. The district, not the school, hires for the bookroom clerk position. That was the district was dragging their feet, not the school.

    Second, there are many schools that use classroom sets of textbooks only. That should not even be addressed as an issue. The quality of teaching in any school should not be dependent upon textbooks. (Have you met a quality teacher that teaches primarily from a textbook?)

    Third, if we want all of our schools to be successful we need a lot more support from our top level administrators (the Superintendent and school board) and from our communities. Those kids need more than teachers who care about their education and success. They need the community to acknowledge that the monetary resources are lacking in EPISD and lend a helping hand where they can. It really does take a village to raise a child. Bassett students will be successful. However, they need positive support from their families, teachers, and their COMMUNITY!

    Complaining isn’t helping… what are you doing to make a difference?

    Comment by leilani — October 22, 2006 @ 9:32 pm

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