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September 2, 2006

Is this the same Texas I live in?

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I admit that I’m not always up on all the laws that affect homeschoolers in Texas but I don’t remember when homeschoolers were granted the legal right to take part in public school classes.


“Home schoolers can use the public school a la carte for classes they would like their children to have,” she said. “If their child wants a foreign language, math or art, they can enroll in that single class, in a pubic school.”

In the end, that’s good for the school district, she said.

“The (school district) is actually saving money, because they don’t have to educate those kids all day long, and the families are paying taxes that support the public school,” she said. “The school district only has to educate the child for just one or two classes.”


Angela Jenkins, director of communications for Tyler Independent School District, said the school district “tries to work with all of our taxpayers who want to use specific classes or services, when space is available.”

That’s reasonable, said Ms. Maynard.

“As long as all taxpayers are treated equally and students are selected for classes on a first-come, first-served basis, that should be fine,” she said. “I advise all home-school parents to work with their school officials. Plan well in advance, knowing what classes are available and what you would like your child to take. That would help the school because, obviously, they’re not used to having home-schooled kids on campus. But I think local officials are trying to work it out.”

None of the home-school families interviewed said they’d ever had trouble with Tyler ISD. On the other hand, few Tyler-area home schoolers seem to want to take advantage of the public schools they legally have a right to use.

“Our involvement with children in home schools has been very minimal,” said Ms. Jenkins. “I only know of about seven to nine home-school students we have interacted with in some form, in the past few years. Those cases involved students who decided to leave the (public) school system, or try to rejoin it.”

TACHE does use a public-school athletic field for its sports program, Leske said.

Besides the fact that I don’t think the article is reporting accurately, it really annoys me that this by the religion editor.


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