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August 31, 2006

Everman principal resigns

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Star-Telegram | 08/30/2006 | Embattled Everman principal to step down:

Everman High School Principal Kathy Culbertson is leaving her post following two weeks of turmoil over remarks to students that some considered racially insensitive.

Maybe they will get a principal who will try to find out why African-American students do poorly at Everman compared to other schools.

Star-Telegram | 08/30/2006 | Embattled Everman principal to step down:

Tammy Mosley, a parent who demanded Culbertson’s ouster, praised district officials for listening to parents’ concerns.”They listened, and I’m glad she’s gone,” said Mosley, whose son is a sophomore. “That speaks well for our district.”

Let’s hope the parents continue to take such interest in their children’s education to see to it that science scores will improve.



  1. I am not sure of what is taking place at Everman these days.I moved away years ago. I graduated from Everman in 1972. Later I have graduated from the University of Houston, and even received an appointment as hospital program administrator with the City Hospital System of New York under Rudy Giuliani and Mike Bloomberg. Apparently, things have really changed at Everman. We had fantastic teachers. They inspired black and white to excell. Perhaps it is not the students. Perhaps it is the staff.

    Comment by Valerie Johnson — April 29, 2007 @ 6:29 pm

  2. i grad. in 1983 i was cheerleader i have watched everman, along with all schools chcnge, and i miss everman i never will forget my days there, i feel as if others feel the same way, the kids that go there now are wonderful students, i am 42 and am never uncertin going back to visit i am white not black, and feel as if i did and do and always fit in, the staff has changed but the students are the same just a different generation and was and are treated as if they are the reason the teachers having to do a job that they dont enjoy so they need to find a job they like and give the wonder ful students from everman the chance all children deserve a gruop o smart people have grad. from this school, and alot more are to come … this worl is so lucky to have you in it… go bulldogs…

    Comment by marla — November 13, 2007 @ 11:23 pm

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