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August 30, 2006

Is this how the rich school districts get rich?

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KERA: Texas Lottery Commission campaign targets lottery revenues spent on education (2006-08-30):

The state agency in charge has tried many tactics to get people to buy lottery tickets: higher jackpots, adding an extra ball to the drawing – even trying to convince people the basic jackpot of 4-million dollars is a lot of money. A new campaign, however, touts how Texas lottery revenues have contributed more than 8-billion dollars to education over the past 8-years. That’s far less than Texas annually spends, but the Lottery Commission’s director of media, Bobby Heith, says a billion a year is nothing to dismiss.

I take it you’re supposed to buy a ticket to support education. So if enough people in poor school districts buy lottery tickets, their schools will get better?


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  1. One local TV news station in my area looked into the claims they make about the lottery putting all this money into education. Apparently it’s true that about a billion a year is supposedly taken from lottery profits for educational purposes. But in reality, the legislature grabs that money like a pack of hyenas grab an injured animal and distribute it as they please. Don’t ever think that money goes toward education!

    Comment by Linda Williams — September 22, 2006 @ 1:04 pm

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