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August 10, 2006

They’re called “weed out” classes

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EETimes.com – Education panel: no time to wait for fixes:

AUSTIN, Texas — Problems with U.S. engineering education are so deeply rooted in kindergarten-through-12th grade that educators, politicians and business leaders have “no time to wait” to fix them.

You mean that the university engineering classes have nothing to do with the problem? I remember sitting in a physics class with 300 other freshman engineering wanna-bes trying to comprehend the professor’s accent. I had been around of plenty of people for whom English was a second language without a problem but in this case, he was the problem, my math skills were just fine. My husband who sat in his pre-engineering science class, I don’t remember which one, where the professor told the students to look at the person next to them since they wouldn’t be there by the next semester. And amazingly enough, they weren’t!

During the 80’s, pre-engineering at UT Austin was like some sort of academic form of fraternity hazing. You had to suffer unnecessarily to get to the good stuff. So unless the enrollment in pre-engineering classes have actually dropped from 300 to 50, I think you can look for solutions closer to home than the public school system.


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  1. […] Too bad they’re going to have to go oversea’s to find students to fill the classes, see They’re Called “Weed Out” Classes. […]

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