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July 23, 2006

I can’t hear you!

I have an image of someone with their fingers in their ears humming and shouting, “I can’t hear you!”

Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | Local News:

The list of schools suspected of cheating is longer than Texas education officials have reported – and those officials say they aren’t interested in tracking down the latest suspects.A Dallas Morning News analysis has found that at least 167 unidentified schools were flagged as potential cheaters by Caveon, the company Texas hired to hunt for TAKS cheaters. That’s in addition to the 442 schools named by state officials. None of the other schools have been notified that they are on the list.

Texas Education Agency officials say they don’t know which schools they are – and they have no plans to find out.

“The only list of schools we have is the list that has been made public,” said TEA spokeswoman Suzanne Marchman. “That’s the list we plan to work with.”

Do you think they could have come up with any worst response? Just about anything else would have been better. How about, “since we received the classroom analysis first, we are investigating those areas.” Or, “we are looking into why the other schools weren’t included in the list provided to us.” Maybe, “our contract didn’t require the company to provide the information but we are looking into it.”

But nope, after being scoped by the Dallas Morning News two (or is it three?) times regarding the issue, TEA tells the world, we’re not going to deal with it. I guess it would have added too many schools to the list with bonuses and suspicious classroom scores. Or maybe, too many wealthy schools would appear on the list blowing Dr. Neely’s honesty premise.


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