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July 13, 2006

Peer pressure is just too strong

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While I realize that not all schools are like this, I can’t help but think to myself that this is why I homeschool.

USATODAY.com – Principal: Drug-testing students works:

High school principal Chris Steffner says she’s seen many efforts to keep teens from using drugs: education programs, “Just Say No” campaigns, scary speeches from people who were caught driving drunk.”None of those things have any lasting impact,” she says. “Peer pressure is so strong.”

This may be true but it is so wrong. So what’s so great about kids hanging out with their peers for eight hours a day?

USATODAY.com – Principal: Drug-testing students works:

During the program’s first year, 10% of Hackettstown’s students were tested randomly from a pool of students who took part in after-school activities or who drove to school. One student tested positive, she says. Last year, 25% of the students were screened. No one tested positive.

The results show testing deters teen drug use, Steffner says: “It works in the workplace and it works in the military. Why wouldn’t it work in a school?”

Okay, with thinking like this, no wonder her school has problems. How much money was spent catching one kid? I realize that the argument is that kids stopped using drugs so they won’t be caught but where was her evidence that they were using drugs in the first place? And is she saying that the ones who aren’t subjected to testing because they don’t participate in after-school activities are affected by those who are caught who do? (Okay, really bad sentence, you’ll probably have to read it more than once.) The kids aren’t smart enough to figure this out?

And “it works in the workplace” bit? I think the difference there is that people in the work place aren’t using drugs because of pressure from their co-workers. In other words, the workplace is not the breeding ground for drug use while apparently the school is.


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  1. I couldn’t agree with u more!

    Why are parents letting school call all the shots anymore?

    If the student had a drug problem isn’t that up to his, or her parents to ask for help?

    Who gave the schools the rights to interfere where their not needed?

    And how come parents feel the need to put up with it?

    What good came from this incident if any?

    Comment by lauren — June 12, 2007 @ 10:05 am

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