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July 11, 2006

Local Control

News for Austin, Texas | kvue.com | Local News:

The rules are part of the massive school finance and education reform legislation passed by state lawmakers in last spring’s special session. And while most of the attention was on the effort to cut local property taxes, the Legislature also ordered a long list of education changes that will affect every school campus and district in the state.

Lets face it, unless it’s about football, property taxes, or something that directly affects their children–like TAKS–the general public isn’t all that interested.

News for Austin, Texas | kvue.com | Local News:

While school districts will come under a battery of new state regulations, Ms. Shapiro rejected the idea that local control of schools is being undermined.”For the most part, they can still do whatever they want,” the Plano Republican said. “They got more money and more flexibility in spending their money.

So the athletic budget is still safe?

News for Austin, Texas | kvue.com | Local News:

Establish spending targets for each school district based on data from campuses and districts found to be most efficient and effective. Spending targets would be set for instruction, central administration, district operations and any other category decided by the commissioner. School boards that exceed the targets must publicly defend their actions.

Maybe not. But they would probably be more willing to publicly defend spending money on a new athletic facility than advocating for increasing teacher benefits or reducing classroom size. Ultimately, the state doesn’t care how much money you have to spend on education but it will tell you how to spend what you have. That seems to me to be a way to make sure everyone is unhappy.

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