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July 6, 2006

But did her students pass the TAKS?

This case shows what’s wrong with our schools in so many ways.

Chron.com | Katy teacher in tape case gets favorable ruling:

A Katy teacher fired after Scotch taping the mouths of her students must be reinstated or paid her $40,000 annual salary, a Texas Education Agency official ruled in a case that raised questions about how teachers discipline their students.

Apparently rules and procedures are for students and other underlings, not administration. Think zero tolerance policies.

Chron.com | Katy teacher in tape case gets favorable ruling:

However, the commissioner’s office ruled that district officials violated its own policy in not allowing Silva’s attorney, Texas State Teachers Association Attorney Joey Moore, to rebut the claims or present witnesses and testimony on why Silva’s contract should be renewed.

These are second graders, guess she couldn’t get them on ritalin.

Chron.com | Katy teacher in tape case gets favorable ruling:

Silva admitted taping the mouths of a handful of students after trying several other methods to get them to work quietly. She appealed to the students to control their own behavior, marked some discipline cards and issued repeated reminders to quiet down.

Parents, of course, will have no say on whether or not their child is assigned to this teacher’s classroom since the school will tell you it doesn’t matter what classroom a child is assigned to, they all receive an excellent education.

Chron.com | Katy teacher in tape case gets favorable ruling:

Some parents praised Silva for being creative in her discipline approach, saying the district overreacted in firing her.Other parents criticized Silva, saying she overstepped her authority as a teacher. They called for her immediate removal from the classroom.

So does she have records of the due process she provided the second graders before taping their mouths?

Chron.com | Katy teacher in tape case gets favorable ruling:

he Katy Independent School District did not give her due process during an April 24 hearing.



  1. They were only second graders that is ridiculous to believe that she could attempt to get away with harming another individual human. Especially as a teacher and role model to some students.

    Comment by D — July 20, 2006 @ 11:15 am

  2. She deserved to be fired and now she’s getting paid a year’s salary for free? I think it’s a disgrace that they paid her anything!

    Comment by lee — July 25, 2006 @ 6:33 am

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