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July 1, 2006

The Times Returns to UIW

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The New York Times is back at UIW

MySA.com: KENS 5: Education:

Dean of Library Services Mendell D. Morgan Jr., who gave the order to remove the newspaper, said in a hastily called news conference that he did not believe his decision to use the university library as a forum for personal protest was inappropriate, but did regret failing to consult library staffers.

So what does he mean by consulting library staffers?

MySA.com: KENS 5: Education:

Morgan said he wished the staffers had voiced their concerns to him before going to the media, but said they would not be punished for their actions.

Ahh, that’s what he means by consulting. Fortunately, it looks like UIW has a class act in trustee Sister Helena Monahan.

MySA.com: KENS 5: Education:

Sister Helena Monahan, who sits on the university’s board of trustees, said she disagreed with Morgan’s decision to cancel the subscription, but respected his right to make it.

And apparently staff to disagree with it.

MySA.com: KENS 5: Education:

Monahan also said the library staffers who spoke out against the decision acted appropriately and should not be fired or censured.”I think this kind of thing, while difficult, is a wonderful learning experience for everyone involved,” Monahan said. “If the faculty pick up on this topic and discuss it in classes, to me that is valuable.”


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