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June 28, 2006

Homeschooling Boy Scouts are always Christian

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Chris O’Donnell posted the following and since he doesn’t link to HSB blogger, I’ll link to him rather than the original source:

O’DonnellWeb – The weblog of a homeschooling / technology / baseball geek in Fredericksburg VA:

Here is today’s entry.

Since last year, some scout units have been bantering about having a National Christian Homeschool Scouts Camporee somewhere in or around Washington DC during 2008. This would be a great way for Christian Homeschool Scouts to meet and connect with each other and might give our little movement an identity. Would your unit be interested in participating?

I think they are sort of missing the point of Boy Scouts.

I did go read the original along with other related posts and I have a little bit of a different take on the situation. I don’t think they are interested in making Boy Scouts an exclusively Christian organization. Rather, I think they see homeschoolers as exclusively Christian. An earlier post on the blog states the following:

Are you a member of a homeschool scout family? If so, would you or anyone in your scout unit be interested in helping to promote scouting among other homeschool families?

I’ve been assisting BSA National in an effort to reach out and network with the homeschool community. The plan includes developing recruiting materials for homeschool families that can be used by professional and volunteer scouters. These recruiting materials would list the benefits of scouting for homeschool familes, and would include fact sheets about the educational and spiritual benefits of scouting, and personal testimonials from scouts and their families.

Given that they aren’t talking about “Christian” homeschooling Boy Scouts at this point, I think the focus of the “movement” is homeschooling. Then again, it could just be that he’s being politically correct when dealing with the official BSA organization. In any case, I see this more as a problem for homeschoolers since he obviously believes that “homeschooling” and “Christian homeschooling” are one and the same. Adding “Christian” to homeschooling is probably the equivalent of prefacing “Catholic” to the Pope.

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