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June 22, 2006

It’s so much easier if you don’t worry about checking the facts

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MySA.com: Politics:

Texas taxpayers — including hundreds of thousands of San Antonians — have poured TENS OF BILLIONS of NEW DOLLARS into public education since 1984, and what have those dollars produced? A shameful dropout rate and virtually no progress in students’ national standardized test scores.

Being a columnist must be great. You don’t have to bother backing up any of your assertions with fact.

MySA.com: Politics:

Anyone with the IQ of a Berkshire can see that consolidation would (1) cut administrative fat, (2) discourage the cronyism that plagues the community’s 13 non-military school systems and (3) allow existing manpower and financial resources to be focused on the areas of greatest educational need.

Now I’m not saying this wouldn’t save money, but again, on what evidence? Having lived in Houston I wouldn’t put forth HISD as an example. Is it too much to ask for one example?

Might it be possible to fund flood control and invest in education? Not in San Antonio where someone is always worried that someone else may be able to advantage of a service without paying their “fair share.” This is what they mean by “small town attitude.”


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