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June 20, 2006

It’s about control

Filed under: cultural values, Homeschooling, Religious Right — texased @ 2:30 pm

People don’t “get” liberal or progressive or democratic homeschoolers. How can that be? Aren’t the schools teaching your agenda? Only if you believe slash and burn republican propaganda.

The real issue is control, control of the individual. I would imagine quite a few pro-homeschool conservatives would be perfectly happy with public schools if only they would put the Bible back into the classroom. See, they don’t mind the schools controlling individuals as long as the right people are doing the controlling. Liberals worked long and hard so that individuals in public school are not controlled by other groups religious agenda.

However, the schools are still more interested in control than in learning. If learning was the primary concern, we wouldn’t be worried about truancy as long as the kids demonstrate that they have mastered the material. Consider that most, not all, college classes don’t take attendance because attendance doesn’t equate learning. (Of course, colleges get funded whether or not the person shows up, unlike public schools.)

So if you think of liberal homeschoolers as people who have removed their children from a controlling establishment with little or no respect for the individual, it starts to make sense.


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