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June 12, 2006

They aren’t just homeschooling, they want to take over.

Daily Kos: A Carnival of Theocrats:

Flames shot out on stage and a team of Navy Seals was shown on the big TV monitors in full camouflage creeping forward down the hallway from the locker room with their M16s. They were hunting us, the future Christian leaders of America. Two teenage girls next to me burst into tears and even I, a jaded middle-aged male, almost jumped out of my skin. I imagined for that moment what it must have felt like to have been a teacher at Columbine high school. 10 seconds later they rushed out onstage and pointed their guns in our direction firing blanks spitting flames. About 1000 shots and bang, we were all dead.

These are the people they’re worried about when they talk about the problems of homeschooling and “socialization.” I’m not one of “them.” I am appalled and frightened of “them.”

Over 25,000 youth and young adults attended BattleCry Philadelphia. I’m sure many were homeschoolers. But many more were from public schools, some might live across the street from you, and maybe a few even attend your church. It would be a mistake not to take them seriously because from all indications, they are taking you and your acquiescence seriously and intend to use it their advantage. This is not a homeschooling problem, this is a challenge to who we are as a nation.


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