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January 30, 2005

Mixed: Card Memory

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Card Memory

Judges Version
Problem Source: Spirit of Chicago Practice 61-70

This is a hands-on problem. You have one minute to determine which team members will solve the problem.

JUDGE READS TO TEAM (after participants are determined):

This is a two part problem. You will have two minutes to plan and then two minutes to execute your plan. You will have a total of 4 minutes to complete this problem. You may talk or ask questions at any time; however, time continues. At the end of the second two minute period, your solution will be scored.

Your problem is to memorize the sequence of cards in two minutes. The team will then have two minutes to write the order of the cards in proper sequence. Only numbers/rank count for the sequence. Suits do not (example, 4 of hearts is the same as a 4 of spades).

Score will be as follows:

  • 1 points for each correct square
  • 5 points for each correct row and column
  • 1 – 20 points for teamwork

Materials and Setup

Have cards laid out on a table covered with cloth or paper until time starts. At end of time, recover cards. Make sure you have the sequence already recorded.

4 X 3 X X 2 X-BLANK
7 5 4 8 9 A
4 X X A K Q
5 6 6 7 X 5
2 2 8 8 A 9
X X 7 A K Q

Scoring Grid

Item Quantity Value Total
Correct Squares x 1
Complete Rows x 5
Complete Columns x 5
Team Work max 20

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